The Fearless Flyer

S2 V2 Going on a flight

July 31, 2023 Your Hosts Grant & James Season 2 Episode 0
The Fearless Flyer
S2 V2 Going on a flight
The Fearless Flyer
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Show Notes

Hi Guy's.
Due to some great feedback, we've updated this episode of Going on a Flight, the main changes are the addition of some of the noises you will hear. The time markers have been amended accordingly. 
In this episode we take you on a flight, well more to the point we talk to you about the flight you are going to go on. We will explain our thoughts on the preparation in the days before, talk to you as your flight day progresses with what is going on and give you some top tips to think about.
We have included 12 time chapter markers with the chapters here as well so you can easily go to the segment time in minutes and seconds of the episode that relates to where you are on your journey.
1:07  Preparation
3:12  Day before the flight
5:01  Day of the flight
8:00  Security & Passport control
10:01  Orientation from the boarding gate
11:47  Boarding time
17:00  Pusback
19:11  Takeoff
21:52  Cruising time
23:58  Descent
29:06  Landing
30:34  Hello bags

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