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The Fearless Flyer

Your Hosts Grant & James

Our podcast is for people who have a fear of flying or, an anxiety associated with being in an aircraft. In our first series (S1), we will take you from the basics about how an aircraft works with an insight as to what is happening and why during a flight, to the stuff you don't see behind the scenes. The aim is to remove the myth of flying and arm you with the knowledge to make you into a Fearless Flyer. 
We then run an episode we call S2 "Going on a Flight," explaining the preparation you should consider before a flight and, talking you through the process and the noises etc you will hear on an actual flight. 
We then move onto series 3 (S3), an on-going series discussing historical aviation events, what we learnt from these events and how these lessons were implemented into the aviation industry in order prevent them happening again. These historical lessons have made a significant contribution as to why the aviation industry is now so regulated and, why flying is one of the safest forms of transport today.
You Hosts are James and Grant. James studied Aviation Management at a New Zealand University and is now employed in a commercial role for a major airline. Grant is a Boeing 777 Captain with a major airline in the Middle East, he spent the first 8 years of his career as an Aircraft Engineer before taking up flying full time. Previous aircraft Grant flew were the Boeing 757, 767 and 737, he currently has over 19,000 hours of flying time.